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Sento Introduction

(佛山市臻钢科技有限公司)Sento,world class stainless steel faucet manufacturing enterprises,is the founder of stainless steel faucet in China,Founded in 1999,its former named is Huangqi Qinglian Hardware Machinery Factory,At the beginning of 2000,with an idea of ​​making faucet with healthier,more environmentally freindly and durable materials,the two over fifty years old Sento's founder Mr Kong Qingyi and Mr Shen Zemin,overcame numerous process and technical difficulties,sucessfully invented the first SUS304 stainless steel faucet in the China.In the subsequent dacades,under the learnership of the two Sento's founders,with the concept of "quality the first,cost the second",we focus on research and development of SUS304 stainless steel faucet,continue to promote technological innovation of stianless steel sanitary ware industry,train a large number to of technical elite for the industry,and has driven the development of the whole stainless steel faucet manufacturing industry.

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