china thermostatic bath shower mixer factory,thermostatic bath shower mixer supplier
china thermostatic bath shower mixer factory,thermostatic bath shower mixer supplier
china thermostatic bath shower mixer factory,thermostatic bath shower mixer supplier
  • china thermostatic bath shower mixer factory,thermostatic bath shower mixer supplier
  • china thermostatic bath shower mixer factory,thermostatic bath shower mixer supplier
  • china thermostatic bath shower mixer factory,thermostatic bath shower mixer supplier

Bathroom Thermostatic Shower Mixer Wall Mount Hot And Cold Water Showering Faucet With Constant Temperature

We are the best manufacturers of china thermostatic bath shower mixer tap.This is a modern wall mounted constant temperature shower faucet, which brings a new life to your bathroom.

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china thermostatic bath shower mixer tap manufacturers suppliers

thermostatic bath shower mixer supplier



Product Details of China Thermostatic Bath Shower Mixer Tap


Constant water temperature: The thermostatic shower mixing valve works seriously like magic, quickly adjusting the water temperature with barely perceptible temperature fluctuations. It provides constant water temperature at its output to prevent accidental scalding. Automatically balance the pressure of hot and cold water, quickly keep the water temperature stable, without manual adjustment.


Simple to operate: just turn the water flow control, no need to manually adjust the temperature, the flow control box uses a ceramic disc and can usually be used indefinitely.


On a side note: Outboard (or exposed) mounted shower faucets are great for bathrooms, RVs, claw tubs, and more.


Polished Chrome: Sleek, modern and contemporary, it's the perfect choice for every bathroom and every situation, whether refurbished or new, behind or in front of walls, individual private homes or extensive commercial projects.


Heavy Duty and Solid Brass: Mainly made of high quality brass material, strong and durable.


Faucet body: The shower faucet has excellent material performance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, and explosion-proof.


Spool: The service life of the spool determines the service life of the shower. The valve core of the product is made of high-quality material, which is more durable, responds quickly to temperature, and has good sealing performance.


Constant temperature and cold touch: that is, the inside of the pipe is cold water wrapped with hot water, which can protect the faucet, and at the same time, the surface of the faucet will not be overheated and cause accidental burns. There are children and the elderly at home.


Supercharging function: If the water pressure in the home is not large, it is recommended to buy a shower with a supercharging function, because the comfort of the shower depends on the degree of control of the water flow, and the water pressure is too small, which is very inconvenient to use.



Thermostatic faucet principle:


A thermal element is installed at the outlet of the thermostatic valve core, which uses the characteristics of the temperature sensitive element to push the valve core to move, block or open the hot and cold water inlet, and open the hot and cold water when blocked.


When the temperature adjustment knob sets a certain temperature, the ratio of cold and hot water entering the water outlet will also automatically change, so that the water temperature will always remain constant.


The temperature adjustment knob can be set arbitrarily between 35°C and 65°C, and the constant temperature water mixer will automatically maintain the set outlet water temperature.



Thermostatic faucet maintenance:


1. First, close the hot and cold water inlet valve.


2. Use a wrench to unscrew the water inlet nuts on both sides of the faucet, take out the wire mesh gasket and the check valve, clean the dirt on the surface of the wire mesh, and check whether the check valve is working properly. If it is not normal, it needs to be replaced.


3. Unscrew the screw with a wrench, pull the handwheel until the handwheel and the valve core pull out of the faucet housing, clean the dirt on the filter screen on the surface of the valve core, and then align the threaded hole on the valve core with the valve core. Push the hole in the faucet body into the valve core and tighten the screw.


4. There are stains on the surface of the faucet, generally wipe with a soft cotton cloth, just like washing your face. To keep the faucet surface looking bright, always scrub with a soft cloth dampened with a mild detergent, then rinse with water. Generally, it can be cleaned every three to two days. Pay attention to the surface of the faucet to avoid acid and alkali.


5. When using the thermostatic faucet, the switch should be gentle and do not use excessive force. If the force is too large, the valve stem will often break and the valve core will be damaged.


Scenes to be used:kitchen, bathroom, home, commercial


Advantages of thermostatic mixers:

1) Function-Thermostatic bath shower mixer tap /pot filler faucet

This is a modern wall mounted constant china thermostatic bath shower mixer tap, which brings a new life to your bathroom. The wall mounted design makes installation or disassembly simple, easy and convenient. This faucet has a unique function, which allows you to adjust the temperature by rotating the control lever or knob respectively. You can also operate each handle separately in single handle mode, opening one or closing both handles at the same time.

2) Diversity of products-Thermostatic bath shower mixer

We have various wall mounted thermostatic cold and hot shower faucets for bathroom thermostatic shower mixers, including wall mounted thermostatic cold and hot shower faucets for bathroom thermostatic shower mixers. Our products are suitable for hotel, restaurant and office bathroom, such as hotel bathroom mixing faucet and bathroom bucket mixing faucet.

3) Constant temperature-bath shower mixer

Bath faucet is a good way to upgrade the bathroom. This faucet has a constant temperature control function, which allows you to set the temperature to the desired comfort level. The water outlet also has an adjustable radian, which can increase the reach range and flexibility of different areas of the bathtub or shower. Equipped with ergonomically designed hand-held shower heads, convenient for washing and cleaning. Taking a shower every day is very important to your health. Keeping your body clean can also enhance your spirit. With this mode, you can enjoy hot and cold showers in your comfortable environment. If the water level is too high, it can prevent scalding by turning off the water flow.

4) Suitable for matching with any accessories.

This wall mounted china thermostatic bath shower mixer tap is an essential accessory for your bathroom. It has the function of constant temperature control, which can adjust the water temperature in the range of 40-80 degrees Celsius, and provide you with just the right amount of heat in cold days. It is the perfect complement to any bathroom.

5) Save water-china Thermostatic bath shower mixer tap

With the constant china thermostatic bath shower mixer tap in the bathroom, you can easily shower with cold and hot water by using the wall mounted constant temperature cold and hot shower faucet. It's perfect for anyone who wants to take a bath in the bathroom. This wall mounted mixer features a high-quality design with a modifiable faucet. The faucet has two handles, which are easy to push and rotate to choose your favorite temperature. This durable shower faucet saves energy and helps you save water bills every month!

Company strength

We are a world-class manufacturer of stainless steel faucets and the founder of stainless steel faucets in China. Our products include stainless steel faucet, stainless steel shower, stainless steel sink, stainless steel kitchen pendant, stainless steel floor drain, etc. Shower panels and stainless steel bathroom cabinets. The products are sold to nearly 90 countries and regions, and are widely used in villas, high-end communities, commercial office buildings and public places. It is the only enterprise in China that has passed seven international certifications, including Kiwa in the Netherlands, water standards in Australia, SGS in the United States, UPC in Europe, en-817 in Denmark, VA in Denmark, and wars test of Hong Kong water supplies department.

china thermostatic bath shower mixer supplierschina thermostatic bath shower mixer manufacturers

Sento Introduction

Sento,world class stianles steel faucet manufacturing enterprises,is the founder of stainless steel faucet in China,Founded in 1999,its former named is Huangqi Qinglian  Hardware Machinery Factory,At the beginning of 2000,with an idea of making faucet with healthier,more environmentally freindly and durable materials,the two over fifty years old Sento's founder Mr Kong Qingyi and Mr Shen Zemin,overcame numerous processand technical difficulties,sucessfully invented the first SUS304 stainless steel faucet in the China.In the subsequent dacades,under the leardership of the two Sento's founders,with the concept of "quality the first,cost the second",we focus on research and development of SUS304 stainless steel faucet,continue to promoted technological innovation of stianless steel sanitary ware industry,train a large number to of technical elite for the industry,and has driven the development of the whole stainless steel faucet manufacturing industry.

Sento's products cover stainless steel faucet,stainless steel shower and shower column,stianless steel bathroom cabinet,stainless steel sink,stainless steel kitchen pendants,china thermostatic bath shower mixer tap,stainless steel floor drain ,etc.They are sold to nearly 90 countriesand regions,and are wildely used in villas,high-end communities,comercial office buildings and public places,Sento is the only domestic enterprise which passed seven international certifications,including Holland KIWA,Australia water mark,America SGS ,UPC,European EN-817,Denmark VA,HongKong water supplies department WARS detection.

In recent years,Sento stainless steel faucet continuous unveiled at the top three industry events.including Shanghai international exhibition kitchen,Germany Frankfut ISH international kitchen exhibition and USA KBIS international show.It attracts all attention inside and outside the industry .Sento has won the top 100 Kitchen Bathroom Enterprises.Chinese Manufacturing Beauty,Canton fair "CF" award,and other awards.

In the future,in order to build up a wold class stainless steel faucet kitchen and bathroom brand with great competitiveness and influence,we will adhere to the strictness,good quality and perfectionism.We will bring a healthier,more environmentally freindly,and better high-end kitchen and bathroom products.

China thermostatic bath shower water mixer tap manufacturers suppliers factories from China, We are sincerely looking forward to cooperate with customers all over the world.

china thermostatic bath shower mixer tap manufacturerschina thermostatic bath shower mixer tap manufacturersthermostatic bath shower mixer supplierchina thermostatic bath shower mixer tap manufacturerschina thermostatic bath shower mixer suppliers

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