Sensor Faucet

Sensor Faucet


Convenient and hygienic: The switch of water is completely automatically completed by the sensor, and the human hand does not need to touch the faucet, which effectively avoids bacterial cross-infection.

Strong adaptability: The induction sensitivity can be adjusted according to different use environments.

Production process: The surface is chrome-plated to keep the luster forever; the streamlined design has a strong sense of modernity.

Easy maintenance: built-in filter to prevent impurities from flowing into the solenoid valve to affect normal work, and easy to clean.

Best automatic sensor operated controlled water taps faucet factories from China, We are sincerely looking forward to cooperate with customers all over the world.

An automatic bathroom sensor faucet is a type of faucet that uses infrared sensors to detect the presence of a user's hands and automatically turns on the water flow. These faucets are commonly found in public restrooms, airports, and other high-traffic areas where hygiene and water conservation are important.
The main advantage of an automatic bathroom sensor faucet is that it can help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria by eliminating the need to touch the faucet handles with dirty hands. This makes them a popular choice for commercial and public facilities where cleanliness and hygiene are a top priority.
In addition to their hygienic benefits, automatic bathroom sensor faucets are also designed to be water-efficient, as they only turn on when needed and typically have a flow restrictor to conserve water. This helps reduce water waste and lower water bills over time.
An automatic bathroom sensor faucet is a convenient and hygienic solution for both commercial and residential bathrooms, offering benefits such as hands-free operation, water efficiency, and reduced risk of germs and bacteria transmission.

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We provide OEM service.We are the best supplier of cheap china top stainless steel touch sensitive taps kitchen sinks faucets.Just like the current faucets, they are all fully automatic sensor faucets, as long as you put your hand under the faucet, you can drink water.

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Automatic Sensor Faucet For Bathroom Wash Basin

We are the best manufacturers factories of china best automatic sensor touchless bathroom sink faucet .The automatic sensor faucet is a sanitary ware that does not require manual control switches. This faucet brings great convenience to our life.

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We are the best factories of basin mixer taps touchless sensor bathroom sink faucet.Induction faucets are more and more common in life, and they are used more frequently in public places.

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