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china thermostatic bath manual shower mixe how to buy

1. Look at the appearance: The surface chrome plating process of a good faucet is very particular, and it is usually completed after several processes. To distinguish the quality of the faucet depends on its brightness. The smoother and brighter the surface, the better the quality.

2. Turn the handle: When turning the handle of a good faucet, there is no excessive gap between the faucet and the switch, and it is easy to open and close without slipping. But inferior faucets not only have large gaps, but also have a large sense of obstruction.

3. Listen to the sound: The material of the faucet is the most difficult to distinguish. A good faucet is made of cast copper as a whole, and the sound of beating is dull. If the sound is brittle, it must be stainless steel, and the quality will be a notch worse.

4. Identify the mark: If you really can't tell the difference, you can choose a more formal brand. Generally, regular products have the brand logo of the manufacturer, while some informal products or some low-quality products are often only affixed with some paper labels, or even without any marks, so be careful when purchasing.

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