Is the pull-out faucet easy to use?

Is the pull-out faucet easy to use?

2022-12-28 15:31:42

In decoration design, in addition to soft and hard decoration, the choice of hardware accessories cannot be ignored.

Take the faucet in the hardware as an example. It is active in the two spaces of the kitchen and the bathroom, which can increase the functionality and practicality of the two spaces and improve the quality of life of the occupants.

However, when many residents choose a faucet for their home space, they will fall into a tangled situation. They don’t know whether to choose a versatile and affordable ordinary faucet, or a delicate and convenient pull-out faucet, which wastes a lot of time and affects The mood of staying.

So how should you choose? What is the difference between ordinary faucets and stainless steel pull out kitchen tap?

Ordinary faucet is a faucet that is fixedly installed on the sink and basin after selecting the size and material, and cannot be pulled out, nor can it expand the flushing range.

The material is divided into copper alloy faucet, stainless steel faucet, plastic faucet, etc., which can be used with different styles of kitchen and bathroom space.

In addition to the material, it also has a variety of control methods, including single-handle single-control, double-handle double-control, and single-handle double-control. You can freely choose the temperature of the water outlet and the way of water outlet. The choice is more cost-effective.

The pull-out faucet, as the name implies, means that the part of the faucet connected to the hose can be pulled out freely, and the range, size, and height of the water outlet can be controlled at will. Compared with the use process, it will be more flexible and convenient.

When choosing, mainly pay attention to the pull-out tube and valve core of the faucet. These two points determine whether the pull-out tube is easy to use.

In terms of material, it is the same as ordinary faucets, with stainless steel, copper alloy, zinc alloy and other options. Generally speaking, its versatility is stronger than ordinary faucets.

In addition to being able to pull and pull, the biggest difference between it and ordinary faucets is that it has many types of water outlets and can be switched freely. There are water injection water outlets and shower water outlets, which can meet different water needs in life.

performance comparison

Ordinary faucets: only have a simple water outlet function, and cannot control the direction of the faucet and the range of water outlets. You can switch between cold and hot water through dual controls, and control the amount of water outlet through the degree of the switch, but it is impossible for a faucet to have multiple water outlet modes.

Pull-out faucet: In addition to the water outlet function of the traditional faucet, the pull-out faucet can also be pulled freely, and even rotate the direction of the faucet 360°. You can flush wherever you want. Basically, during use, the range of water outlet is unlimited of.

Moreover, in addition to switching between two water temperatures, a pull-out faucet can also switch between different water outlet methods, such as columnar, sliced, or shower, which is very practical.

Convenience comparison

Ordinary faucets: Because ordinary faucets are fixed, it is easy to splash water everywhere due to poor control of the water output during the usual process of washing hair, vegetables, and clothes, and in the process of cleaning the sink , There will also be insufficient cleaning.

Pull-out faucet: Whether it is in the kitchen or the bathroom, the pull-out faucet has a high degree of adaptability. It does not limit the height of the user, the size of the basin and the sink, and can be pulled and rinsed from multiple angles. It can solve the problem that ordinary faucets cannot solve. The problem.

Durability comparison

Ordinary faucets: Generally speaking, good-quality ordinary faucets, such as stainless steel and copper, can basically be used for a long time as long as they are installed properly and there is no water leakage.

Pull-out faucet: Although the pull-out faucet is convenient, because the pull-out tube needs to be pulled frequently, it is easy to wear and knot. After a long time, the pull-out tube will be difficult to reset and bend, and its durability is relatively good. For ordinary faucets, it is relatively poor.

The above is the comparison between ordinary faucets and pull-out faucets. As hardware that is frequently used in life, whether it is a pull-out type or an ordinary type, it doesn’t matter if you struggle a little more. After all, only by making a good comparison can you choose the one that suits you. The one that improves the quality of life.

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