What should be paid attention to when choosing a faucet?

What should be paid attention to when choosing a faucet?

2022-12-28 16:09:02

In home decoration, the faucet is an indispensable and important role. It not only brings convenience to life, but also may affect our health. But as a vital member, it is often overlooked. Inferior-quality faucets may release harmful substances, causing tap water to contain lead or bacteria to exceed the standard, which not only affects the convenience of our daily water use, but also affects the health of users. However, a good faucet can allow you to use it with confidence for more than ten years.

It is estimated that a tap that is not closed tightly can drain 1-6 cubic meters of water in a month. A high-quality faucet not only saves more water, but also brings a safe and secure water experience. So, how to choose a good faucet?

A good faucet just needs to look at the following points:

1. Spool The spool is a very important part, just like the human heart, its quality directly determines the life of the faucet. The first-class faucet spool technology, when the handle swings to drive the spool, you can feel neither loose nor tight, light and non-blocking.

2. Surface coating The surface of the faucet is generally chrome-plated and nickel-plated. The coating process requirements of regular products are relatively high, the surface gloss is uniform, and there are no pores, burrs, oxidation spots, etc. Wrigley bathroom faucets, ten-level crystal plating technology, make the surface of the faucet look new for a long time.

3. Main body material The main body of the faucet is the path through which water flows inside, and poor quality materials will directly lead to water pollution. Cast iron is easy to rust, plastic is easy to age, and zinc alloy has poor stability, resulting in short-term use, so it is not recommended to buy faucets made of these three materials.

4. Using the faucet is related to the health of the family, so don't be greedy for petty gains. Consumers should look for well-known brands when purchasing faucets, so as to enjoy better after-sales protection. The main material of our faucet is made of ceramic valve core with high temperature resistance, wear resistance and high tensile strength. The high-quality spool material allows the faucet to withstand more than 500,000 switching operations, and it is still as smooth as ever. At the same time, due to the excellent sealing performance of the ceramic material, the faucet is not easy to leak water droplets, thereby achieving the purpose of environmental protection and water saving.

As the core part of the bathroom cabinet and kitchen sink, the faucet is very important to choose. I believe that after mastering these purchasing methods, you will be able to choose a faucet that is exquisite, beautiful and practical.

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