Canvas Top Fittings

Canvas Top Fittings


316 Ss Cast Hinged Jaw Slides,Precision Steel Casting Parts Manufacturer

316 stainless steel cast hinge clip slider. These sliders are made of cast heads and are designed to be used when the jaws of the sliders are in contact with movable members or support rods.

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316Ss Cast Heavy Duty Top Caps

We are the best company manufacturer of custom china stainless steel precision casting.316SS cast heavy-duty top cover is a product that can easily and effectively make your work easier and convenient.

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316 Stainless Deck Hinge,China Bathroom Accessories Set Supplier Manufacturer

Custom of 316 Stainless Universal shower door hinged tub.Our 316 stainless steel universal deck hinges are designed to keep the surface of your door or gate smooth. The hinges are designed with hidden screws, so you can easily change the position of these hinges when you need them every day.

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