bathtub thermostatic faucet

Thermostatic bathtub shower faucet mixer taps:

1. One-button temperature setting, easy to operate, just one touch to set the most comfortable bath water temperature for the human body to 38°, which is simple and convenient.

2 Instant temperature, efficient and fast, instantly reach the set temperature, help you easily reduce water consumption and save energy.

3. Intelligent temperature control, comfortable and stable, and instantly sense the sudden change of water pressure to ensure that the water temperature is constant and refuse to be hot and cold.

4. Limited temperature regulation, safe and controllable, lock the bathing temperature between 38°-43°, when there is a problem with the cold water supply, the thermostatic faucet will automatically turn off, effectively preventing children from accidentally raising the temperature and scalding themselves.

5. Anti-scalding temperature lock, safe and worry-free, the inside of the faucet adopts the method of "wrapping" the hot water in the inner cavity with cold water in the outer cavity, so that the surface temperature of the faucet is guaranteed to be lower than the temperature of the shower water, and there is no need to worry about being scalded by the chrome-plated surface of the hot faucet.

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Bathroom Thermostatic Shower Mixer Wall Mount Hot And Cold Water Showering Faucet With Constant Temperature

We are the best manufacturers of china thermostatic bath shower mixer tap.This is a modern wall mounted constant temperature shower faucet, which brings a new life to your bathroom.

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Stainless Steel Shower Bathtub Thermostatic Faucet Set,Thermostatic Shower Faucet Manufacturer Supplier

We provide OEM service.We are the best manufacturers supplier of buy thermostatic bathtub shower faucet mixer tap sets.The wholesale price of this modern stainless steel shower thermostatic faucet set is a great choice for your bathroom.

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