Stainless steel casting supplier

316 Ss Cast Hinged Jaw Slides,Precision Steel Casting Parts Manufacturer

316 stainless steel cast hinge clip slider. These sliders are made of cast heads and are designed to be used when the jaws of the sliders are in contact with movable members or support rods.

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Oem High Quality Auto Parts Precision Steel Die Casting Parts Manufacturer

We are the best factory of wholesale auto parts precision steel die casting parts. Among modern metal materials, aluminum alloys are the most representative, and the application of aluminum alloys in automobile manufacturing has very important value.

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Alloy Steel Casting For Building Hardware,Steel Casting Parts Manufacturer

We are the best factories suppliers of wholesale large stainless steel castings.The two biggest properties of alloy steel castings are strength, flexibility and surface properties, which are generally not easy to break.

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