Are commercial instant water heaters worth buying?

Are commercial instant water heaters worth buying?

2022-11-26 11:19:26

Since the advent of commercial instant water heaters, there have been constant controversies. Words such as high power, power consumption, and unsafety have flooded the water heater market; The advantages of no scaling and no need to wait have become the choice of most families today. The market tends to be clearer, but there are still many people who are not clear about the key points of purchasing instant water heaters. Today, the editor will make a comprehensive analysis of this .


1. Appearance

Instantaneous water heaters are not like storage water heaters that require an inner liner to store water. The instant heating effect makes the appearance of the product more compact and fashionable. In addition to the appearance, the choice of shell material is also a factor that determines the appearance.

There are mainly two types of shell materials for commercial instant water heaters: ABS engineering panels and tempered glass panels.

The surface of the instant water heater with ABS engineering panel is glossy, with good heat insulation effect and corrosion resistance. Because of its impact resistance and high temperature resistance, it is widely used in the fields of automobiles, electronic appliances and building materials. ABS engineering panel is the first choice of many instant water heater manufacturers. s material.

The instant water heater with tempered glass panel has high strength, the bending strength is 3~5 times that of ordinary glass, and the impact strength is 5~10 times that of ordinary glass. It has good heat resistance, good aesthetics, and a very artistic sense. The first choice for fashionable families.

2. Heating body

The key to determining the quality of an instant water heater is its core component - the heating element, and the quality of the heating element depends on the material selected. At present, the heating elements on the market mainly include metal heating elements, quartz tube heating elements and die-casting aluminum heating elements.

[Metal heating element] The metal heating element is similar to that used for boiling water in the home. The heating element is completely immersed in water during work. The water and electricity are integrated, and it is easy to scale. The service life is about 5-8 years;

[Quartz tube heating element] The quartz tube heating element uses a quartz glass tube as the base material, and then applies a layer of electric heating film. The structure is simple, the water and electricity are separated, and it is not easy to scale, and the service life is about 5 years;

[Die-casting aluminum heating element] The die-casting aluminum heating element is a heating element that uses high-quality aluminum alloy material as the shell and is die-casted. The inner and outer seals completely separate water and electricity to prevent leakage; more than a year.

3. Power

Up to now, some consumers still hesitate to know the power of instant water heaters, and still have a lot of misunderstandings about the power of instant water heaters, thinking that high power equals high power consumption.

The first thing to be clear is that instant water heaters are instant hot when turned on, and do not need to be heated for half an hour like storage water heaters. This not only saves time, but also greatly improves the thermal efficiency of the water heater.

The thermal efficiency of a normal storage water heater is about 80%. If the unused hot water after heating is added, the thermal efficiency of the storage type is only about 65%-70%, while the thermal efficiency of any instant water heater is in the More than 97%.

4. safety and environmental protection

In order to fully ensure the application safety of consumers, instant electric water heaters generally focus on design in this regard, such as the use of non-metallic heating elements, water and electricity isolation technology, leakage protection devices, grounding protection and other measures.At the same time, the products of regular manufacturers have passed international certification, so the safety is extremely high. space

Because commercial instant water heaters do not need to be preheated in advance, they do not need a large and bulky inner tank and insulation layer in design. Most of them are small in size, light in weight, and easy to install, saving space and materials.

As a wholesale supplier of commercial instant water heaters, instant electric water heater is a field that relies more on professional technology, you can contact us for more details when purchasing.

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