pure tap water filter supplier

The pure tap water filter uses tap water as the water source, and purifies pure water through reverse osmosis water treatment technology. The household water purifier is exquisite and compact, and is generally installed in the kitchen, and is equipped with a special faucet for pure water to solve the problem of drinking water in the kitchen.

The technical core of the water purifier is the reverse osmosis membrane. Its working principle is to apply a certain pressure to the water, so that the water molecules and ionic mineral elements pass through a layer of reverse osmosis membrane, and most of the inorganic salts dissolved in the water are dissolved. (Including heavy metals) organic substances, bacteria, viruses, etc. cannot pass through the reverse osmosis membrane, so that the pure water and the impermeable concentrated water are strictly separated, so they are unable to pass through the reverse osmosis membrane, and the water from pure water is guaranteed. Safe with water.

The function of the water purifier: not only can remove impurities, rust, sediment, colloids, bacteria, viruses, but also radioactive particles, organic substances, fluorescent substances, pesticides that are harmful to the human body, and can also remove nasty water alkali. And heavy metal removal, to ensure that you do not have water and alkali when boiling water, and at the same time to ensure healthy drinking water for your family.

pure tap water filter supplier from China, We are sincerely looking forward to cooperate with customers all over the world.

Lead-Free Faucet For Drinking Water Filtration Systems

We are the best companies china of affordable home mass water filtration systems.The water filtration system is a good way to filter the drinking water in the faucet. This lead-free faucet provides you with additional protection, and its durable and reliable design is worthy of your trust.

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