cheap thermostatic shower mixer

Square external exposed thermostatic shower mixer heads sets products:

The principle of the thermostatic external shower mixer is to control the ratio of cold and hot water through the thermostatic valve core to achieve a constant temperature of water. Affected by the changes of water temperature, flow rate and water pressure, it can effectively solve the phenomenon of hot and cold during the shower. 

When the temperature is set, such as the sudden interruption of cold water in the shower, the mixing valve can close the hot water in just a few seconds. It can prevent scald and bring a safe and comfortable shower experience.

Oem cheap square external exposed thermostatic shower mixer heads sets from China, We are sincerely looking forward to cooperate with customers all over the world.

3 Function stainless steel Constant Temperature Shower Bathtub Faucet Set

As the top supplier of thermostatic bath shower faucet mixer taps, we take pride in offering the best quality products. Our high-end 3-function shower faucet boasts an elegant and modern design that adds a touch of luxury to any bathroom

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